What Clients are Saying

“The Pop Time Enhancement Program helped me build arm strength and mprove my throwing mechanics. I started seeing results after just the first few sessions, including higher velocity and greater accuracy. I plan to make it part of my regular off-season training routine.” – David Peyton -Sophomore, Urbandale High School Catcher

“I enjoy the workout because it increases your velocity and the workout trains your arm to stay down in the zone and come over the top. I also like this workout because it works to help you use your backside to get superior form and speed on the pitch” – Nick Rauch 15 WDM, IA

“The arm band has helped me develop better arm speed and to finish. It has improved my lower body and use my lower half more.” – Joey Mazzie – 11th Grade – Dowling Catholic High School

“I like the Arm Speed Enhancement Program because it not only got my arm stronger but it made me use the right arm motion. I have seen drastic results in my velocity ever since I started the program. I really like that when I started the program the resistance was lower so that I didn’t blow my arm out. The program also gives resistance to your lower half so you get superior velocity and form. I really encourage you to try the Arm Speed Enhancement program.” Michael Munro – 15 – Johnston, Iowa

“I like the program because I am getting stronger while working on the mechanics of pitching. It is exciting to see the ball fly out of my hand.” – Sawyer Ocheltree – Adair

“The band was awesome! It makes everything you throw that much faster and better. It doesn’t matter what position you play, everyone needs a strong arm.” – Mark Eubank – Indianola

“I have only been working with the band for a couple of sessions and it has already made my arm stronger. I feel like my arm is getting stronger each time and that it increases my pitch speed. The band also makes you ‘come over the top’ because the band will land on your shoulder and not the side of your arm.” -Eric Bridgewater – Johnston

“I really enjoy working with Jason and the bands. It gives you a good workout in which you feel your arm and legs improving in strength and endurance.” Brennan Floss – West Des Moines

“I thought the arm and hip band workout was a huge improvement in my game. It helps you focus on your mechanics and strengthens your body real well so you are prepared for the upcoming season. Jason Pearson was a great teacher and instructor for the job. He is always on top of everything and is prone to seeing if you are doing everything the way it is supposed to be. Overall, if you are looking for a workout that will get you stronger and ready for the season, the arm and hip band workout is where it is at. -Aaron “A.Y.” Young Urbandale High School