College Winter Pitch Design

Project 90 College Winter Pitch Design 

Sportsplex West and Project 90 are offering bullpen sessions for pitchers interested in utilizing technology to continue preparing for the upcoming spring season. These sessions are designed to specifically gather data and video through Rapsodo and Edgertronic to give each athlete any feedback or guidance needed to tune-up for spring. Beyond real-time data and video, Rapsodo Cloud will also allow the Project 90 staff to review bullpen reports with athletes following or between each session. With movement and release charts, we can see if the athlete is getting closer to or maintaining their desired shape on each pitch. 


Information needed from each athlete:


Date of Birth 


Height & Weight 



Each athlete will receive an email to set up a profile on Rapsodo Cloud prior to any bullpen sessions. 



Kenny Namanny 

Kenny is the Director of Project 90 and serves as the pitching data analyst for the Iowa Sticks High School program.  He obtained his Rapsodo Pitching Certification in May of 2020.  Prior to working full time at Sportsplex West, Kenny coached baseball at the JUCO level for five years and earned a master’s degree from Western Kentucky University in 2017.  Kenny will be directly responsible for communication and oversight for all players interested in pitch design. 



$35 /session 



Kenny Namanny –