Project 90 Summer College Program

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Project 90 Summer College Program

June 1st – August 13th

Project 90 is offering a 11-week summer program for college pitchersThis program will give athletes the opportunity to continue their development & prepare them for the upcoming fall season.  

Programs will be unique to each athlete. The initial assessment, workload from the spring season, and personal goals will dictate which direction each pitcher will go with their summer training. Each program will include strength & conditioning, mobility, and a throwing program with an emphasis on pitch design, velocity or recovery. Through oversight & small group work, Project 90 will create a competitive environment that will challenge athletes & assist them in pursuing their goals.

College Summer Program Training Team: 

  • Strength & Conditioning programming through D1 Training of Des Moines 
  • Certified strength trainers specializing in training the pitching athlete (see staff below).  D1 has established a strong base of current and former professional and collegiate pitchers.  The list Includes pitchers throughout professional baseball at all levels as well as College arms from D1 to JUCO.  The current staff has visited the likes of the Cressey Sports Performance center to stay current with the latest modules of athlete enhancement for the high level pitcher. 


  • Movement Enhancement, Mobility Restoration, and Recovery through Kinetic Edge 
  • The thorough, head-to-toe assessment with our onsite Physical Therapist will help the athlete understand why their body moves the way it does and how to optimize that movement to enhance performance and decrease risk of injury. Within this program the athlete will go through 3 phases that include movement enhancement, mobility restoration, and recovery. Within the movement enhancement sessions, the athlete will receive personalized exercises to achieve full command of their body through optimized motor control and strength of each body region. In order to restore the mobility needed throughout the pitching cycle, the athlete will receive carefully catered mobility drills as well as hands-on mobility work include scraping, cupping, joint manipulation, and stretching. Lastly, the athlete will elevate their performance through optimizing their recovery with weekly utilization of our recovery services. Ultimately, this component of the program is designed to fine tune the athlete’s body and mind to take them to the next level and give them an edge on their game. If the athlete is experiencing pain or injury, they will be placed into our rehabilitation track to get them back to training and throwing as soon as possible. 
  • Pitch Shaping, command and mechanical refinement through Project 90 
  • Utilizing the last technological advances including video analysis using Edgertonic, pitch shaping via Rapsodo, the Project 90 staff has amassed a wide range of knowledge through its experience with high level clients in the past.  The staff collectively has accumulated decades of experience teaching the art of pitching.  Additionally, the staff will utilize tried and true mechanical refinement and anecdotal information from the  athletes coaching staff to create, oversee and execute the overall plan for the summer. The emphasis of the staff is to create individualized programming for all members to the program.  


How it works: 

Step 1: Assessment – All players are required to perform an initial assessment.  Assessments include the following: 

Injury Screening, Movement Assessment– Kinetic Edge PT 

Strength & Mobility- D1 Des Moines 

Throwing Evaluation (including Command abilities)– Project 90 Staff 

Data Collection- Project 90 Pitch Design 

Anecdotal information – Players own Coaching Staff 

Step 2: Programming – Project 90 Staff will take the information gathered in the assessment categories and develop an INDIVIDUALIZED program for each athlete using 5 inputs of Assessment: 

Kinetic Edge 


Rapsodo and Edgertronic Data Collection 

Mechanical Evaluation 

College Coach Anecdotal report 


Step 3: Program Emphasis 

Each individual program will include the following while also having an emphasis on one or more specific area listed below based on assessment results and personal goals. 

Pitch Design 

Pitchers that are specifically wanting to tune up their arsenal may have an emphasis in pitch design after a moderate workload in the spring and a clean physical assessment with Kinetic Edge PT & D1 Des Moines. Command tracking included. 


Some pitchers may have a need to add velocity. Pitchers looking to do so, with minimal innings from spring and a clean assessment with Kinetic Edge PT & D1 Des Moines, will be programmed and monitored accordingly.  Command tracking included. 


Any pitcher coming off a heavy workload from the previous spring may have an emphasis on recovery, especially those with any health issues in their assessment with Kinetic Edge PT & D1 Des Moines. The goal here will be to get the body and arm healthy and ready for the coming fall. 

Step 4: Execution 

  1. After the Project 90 Staff completes the individualized assessment and programming, athletes will then execute the program on-site with a daily, weekly and monthly plan individualized to each player. Athletes will be provided hours of availability in which they can execute the plan.  The program is a combination of self-directed workouts with access to all technologies, equipment and recovery modules along with access to staff input as well as scheduled whole group enhancements.  Athletes are expected to be in the facility 3-5 times per week.  Exceptions can be made for athletes that wish to do a combination of on-site and remote training. 


Assessment: $220 (Paid as a deposit at the time of registration) 

$299 /month (payments made on the 1st of June, July & August 


  • Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy – Patrick Ford 

Patrick Ford is a Doctor of Physical Therapy for Kinetic Edge located on the premises of Sportsplex West.  Patrick earned a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and health from Iowa State University. He attended Creighton University to earn his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Patrick is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Orthopedic Resident who specializes in sports rehabilitation.  Patrick will provide all members of the program a full physical therapy assessment prior to beginning the program. 

  • D1 Des Moines Sports Training – Russ Fairfield 

Russ Fairfield serves as General Manager and Head Strength and conditioning coach of D1 Des Moines located on the premises of Sportsplex West.  Quietly known as one of the finest strength coaches in the area, Russ has personally trained numerous pitchers at the highest levels of baseball including players at all levels of professional baseball including the big leagues.  Russ will be responsible for the implementation and oversite for all strength and conditioning activities in the program. 

  • D1 Des Moines Sports Training – Karter Schult 

Prior to his NFL experience Karter had an outstanding academic career at the University of Northern Iowa, where he was nominated as a finalist for the William V. Campbell Trophy. He went on to graduate with a 3.9 GPA and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science while continuing to pursue his Master’s Degree in the same field. His vast knowledge and experience has helped him specialize in Speed/Power Development, Strength training, Sport Specific training, Combine training, and much more.  Most recently, Karter has spent time studying the assessment modalities for baseball players at the Cressey Sports Performance center in Palm Beach, Florida. 

  • Project 90 – Kenny Namanny 

Kenny serves as the Assistant Director of the High School Sticks program, Rapsodo pitch shaping director, coach and instructor for Sportsplex West.  Prior to working full time at Sportsplex West, Kenny coached baseball at the JUCO level and served administrative roles in such.  Kenny has most recently spent his time at Sportsplex West developing the data structures used with Rapsodo.  Kenny will be directly responsible for communication, oversite and tracking for all individual players. 

  • Project 90 – David Conrad 

David serves as the baseball director of Next Step Sports Advising. He has spent time coaching and/or recruiting at both the high school and collegiate levels. With his background, Conrad has seen firsthand what it takes to succeed at each unique level of play and intimately understands points of view from both athlete striving to get noticed and the college coach attempting to find & sift through those athletes. 

  • Project 90 – Jason Pearson 

Pitched professionally with the Orioles, Padres, and Cardinals and long been one of the lead pitching instructors at SPW.  Mr. Pearson is well known in the Des Moines Area for his ability to teach the art of pitching and provides his clients with the extra edge that they need.  Jason’s vast experience of instruction and ability to cue in a one on one setting sets him apart.

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