Pitch Design

Project 90 Pitch Design

High School, College & Professional Pitchers 

Project 90 offers pitch design sessions that will gather data (Rapsodo) & video (Edgertronic) to give pitchers insight on how each of their pitches work. With this information, pitchers can make intelligent decisions on pitch selection. Some examples include changing the shape on a specific pitch, adding a pitch, experimenting with grips, or even eliminating a pitch entirely from their arsenal. Every athlete is unique & every elite level pitcher can benefit from the information provided in pitch design sessions. 

What is Rapsodo? 

From rapsodo.com: 

Design your perfect pitch with the Rapsodo Pitching Unit and Rapsodo Cloud. Our unit and intuitive, easy-to-use app provide instant data on pitch velocity, spin rate, true spin rate, spin axis, and spin efficiency as well as strike zone analysis, horizontal and vertical break, 3D trajectory, and now release information. 

 See any pitch from side, top, pitcher or catcher views, and track progress over time with historical and statistical analysis to ensure that you or your athletes are getting the most out of the arm. 

 Pitch flight analysis like you’ve never seen before! Rapsodo measures the impact of spin on every ball and shows the actual flight of a pitched baseball, calculating the corresponding trajectory of the same 

 pitch without spin. 


For more information, conatct Kenny Namanny kenny@sportsplexwest.com 



Single Session- $75 

Three Sessions- $195 

Five Sessions- $305 

Ten Sessions- $585