Off Season Details

Project 90 High School Off-Season Program 

Project 90 is a Velocity & Data program based out of Sportsplex West in Waukee. The program is designed to enhance the development of high school, college and professional pitchers through programmed throwing & weight training along with data collection & analysis through Rapsodo & Edgertronic. 

The High School Off-Season Program is designed for elite level high school pitchers to continue their development from the end of fall ball to the beginning of spring practice. The program will include four phases that will not only work to enhance velocity, but more importantly health, strength and durability. This program also has the flexibility to accommodate individual needs and will put high school pitchers in the best position to be successful as they move forward in their career. 


What’s included? 


Project 90 High School Off-Season Program 

  • Initial assesment & movement analysis with Project 90 & Kinetic Edge 
  • Coordination & mobility restoration twice /month through Kinetic Edge 
  • 21-week throwing & arm care program 
  • PlyoCare progression 
  • Mound blending 
  • Pitch Design with Rapsodo & Edgertronic 
  • Tracking of individual progress 


Assessment Dates: October 18, 2021 – October 29, 2021 

Program Dates: November 1, 2021 – March 25, 2022 



Kenny Namanny- Project 90 

David Conrad- Project 90 

Patrick Ford- Kinetic Edge PT  


Phase I: De-Load (Nov. 1 – Nov. 19), OFF (Nov. 22 – Dec. 3) 

Phase I will begin almost immediately after the fall season, starting the first week of November. The focus in this phase is to de-load each pitcher, over the course of three weeks, by decreasing our throwing volume and intensity. There will also be an emphasis put on arm care and recovery. Following these three weeks, each athlete will take two weeks off from throwing. 


Phase II: Throwing (Dec. 6 – Dec. 17), OFF (Dec. 20 – Dec. 24) 

Phase II will include two weeks of low volume, low intensity throwing with an introduction to basic Plyo work. This phase will give pitchers a chance to wake up their arms with low effort throwing and consistent arm care and recovery. An off week will follow this two-week throwing period. 


Phase III: On-Ramp (Dec. 27 – Feb. 18) 

The on-ramp phase will be an 8-week period that will consist of three throwing days each week with two recovery days mixed in. This phase will include Plyo progression, arm care and velocity testing at the end of each week. All throwing will be done on flat ground as this phase is focused on long toss and getting each pitcher familiar with how their body works. The goal is to get the body and arm working as efficient as possible as we prepare for mound work. 


Phase IV: Mound Blend (Feb. 21 – March 25) 

The last phase will focus on transitioning pitchers to the mound as they get closer to spring. Athletes will de-load their throwing in the first week to recover from our velocity phase. During this time, pitchers will perform portions of their Plyo work on mounds and will also begin bullpen sessions. Each bullpen session will include data collection with Rapsodo and slow-motion video with Edgertronic. With this technology, each pitcher can work to shape their pitches to become more effective and/or compliment other pitches to improve their arsenal.   



*Above is a generic outline of the program. All throwing programs are subject to change depending on individual needs & goals. 




Project 90 HS Off-Season Program 

Assessment: $260 (Paid as a deposit at the time of registration) 

Five payments of $395 due monthly – November through March