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  • Overview:
    • The Girls Academy is designed for development of the female athlete in a competitive, instructional environment.  Most classes are offered regularly on the same day of the week and at the same time.    Progression of skills and increased knowledge of various sports are the key goals of the Girls Academy.  Whether your player is a varsity starter that wants to play in college, just starting out in a sport, or anywhere in between,  the Girls Academy is for your athlete.  Please read below to fully understand how the Girls Academy works…

Sports and Classes

  • Description: The Girls Academy will offer 100’s of 1 hour skills classes over the course of the summer in a wide variety of sports.  Class names and offerings will change, but the following information is a general idea of what you can find in the Academy.  To see a full list of current classes offered, you must login to “Register/View All Academy Sessions“.  Classes will be offered at various times, various days and various levels.  The classes will be designed to target individual development inside a small group format.
    • Use the filters for trainers/venue to help find specific sports
      1. Court 1 – Basketball
      2. Court 3 – Volleyball
      3. South Field Half – Softball
      4. Waukee HS Practice Fields  – Lacrosse
  • Primary Sports and possible classes:
    • Basketball: Ball Handling, Shooting, Offensives Skills, General Skills and more…
    • Lacrosse: Offensive Skills General Girls Academy
    • Softball: Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Fielding, General Skills and more…
    • Volleyball: Hitting, Serving, Setting, Team Play, General Skills and more…
  • Secondary Sports/Additional Sports and Classes
    • At any time, Sportsplex and its outstanding group of instructors may add additional sports or classes to its extensive class list.
    • These classes may be an entirely different sport (i.e. self-defense, diving) and offered for a limited time. Sportsplex will update the class list frequently.
  • NOTES:
    • Sessions need to be used by August 31 – they do not carry over

Levels: (Level 4+, Level 3, Level 2, Level 1)

  • Description: One of the primary goals of the academy is to have girls training at their appropriate level.  We will have classes from the college bound athletes to the beginner.  Your athlete’s level will depend upon a few things including, age, experience, ambition, level of play and instructor input.  Our instructor’s want to push the player along from one level to a higher level when appropriate. Some classes will be specific to one level, while some classes may be for multiple levels at the same time. In addition, our instructors have the ability to make exceptions to a level for a particular player.  Please read below about a general descriptions of all the levels

Level 4+ (10-15 % of players)

  • For Whom?
    • Generally competitive, top level HS Players  (15 yrs and older)
    • Very advanced younger players who need and want to be challenged – must be OK’d by instructor
    • Small group specialty classes/position specific classes. Invites to these groups are the norm.
  • Description: Level 4+ classes are usually invite only or specialty classes for a narrow group of competitive players (usually older and very experienced in a particular sport and may be position specific).  They are designed to work on one small area of a particular sport and or be entirely devoted to a position in that sport. These classes are usually competitive and highly advanced in nature.  These classes are for players who may have a desire to play in High School and College.  Once players have advanced in level 3 development, instructors may add specific level 4 classes that will target their development and suggest they enter into these classes.  These classes may be prearranged with a particular group of players.  If you see a 4+ class that you would like to attend, and is invite only, please contact your sport director (here) to discuss if this would be a good fit for you and request an invite.  In addition – if you have a small group of players that would be interested in scheduling a Level 4+ with one of our instructors – please email the sport contact (click here) or the Girls Academy Director (click here)
  • Examples may be:
    • Softball (Level 4+) Catchers– Pop time Enhancement – (Need Instructor OK) – Ages 15-18
    • Basketball (Level 4+) Shooting – Post Players Moves (Invite Only) – Ages 14 and Up
    • Volleyball (Level 4 +) Setting – Advance Setters (Invite Only)– ages 16 and up
    • Lacrosse – Advanced Academy

Level 3 (Approx 25% of all players)

  • For Whom?
    • Generally top competitive team players (12-15 yrs with 4+ years of competitive experience)
    • Older players who are stepping up their level of play from a lower level
    • Very advanced younger players who need and want to be challenged. (Must be OK’d by instructor)
  • Description: Level 3 is for the serious, very competitive player who wants to advance her game. Classes are generally skill specific.   Advanced concepts, high level fundamentals and a very competitive atmosphere will be the staples of level 3 classes.  This class is generally for the slightly older player who has played competitively for 4+ years (Ages 12). Players in level 3 are some of the top players on their teams and in their age groups and have a desire to play in High School.
  • Examples may be:
    • Softball (Level 3) – Hitting – Bat Speed Enhancement
    • Basketball (Level 3) – Shooting – Drills
    • Lacrosse (Level 2-3) – Girls Academy
    • Volleyball (Level 3) – Serving

Level 2 (Approx 40% of all players)

  • For Whom?
    • Generally competitive players (9-12 yrs with at least 2 years of competitive experience)
    • Older players who are stepping of their level of play
    • Very advanced younger players who need and want to be challenged (Must be OK’d by instructor)
  • Description: This is the level in where most competitive players should be placed.  This is generally for the athlete (ages 9-12) that have played the particular sport for 2-5 years competitively and have shown a strong interest in the sport.  Furthermore, the player has shown a desire to work hard at her particular sport and is self-driven to get better.  A higher level of fundamentals and team concepts, as well as introduction to skills needed to advance will be taught.
  • Examples may be:
    • Basketball (Level 2) – Dribbling
    • Lacrosse (Level 2-3) – Girls Academy
    • Softball (Level 2) – Hitting
    • Volleyball (Level 2) – Offensive Skills

Level 1 (Approx 20-25% of all players)

  • For Whom?
    • Generally players ages 8-10 who have some/little experience in the sport but a desire to learn
  • Description: Level 1 is for the inexperienced player who has a desire to develop a foundation in a sport in which they have not spent a ton of time playing. The goal is to spark interest in a particular sport and give the athlete the tools necessary to make a decision on whether they would like to continue on and try it in the future.  Individual classes will be a little broader in scope, as generally things such as rules, concepts, strategy, and basic fundamentals are a must.  The goal is to get the athlete’s interest, fundamentals and concepts to a level that they would be comfortable advancing to a Level 2 Class.
  • Examples may be:
    • Basketball (Level 1) – All Skills
    • Lacrosse (Level 1) – Girls Academy
    • Softball (Level 1) – All Skills
    • Volleyball (Level 1) – All Skills