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Examples of How to Use Your Girls Academy Sessions:

Below are hypothetical scenarios of how an athlete could use her Academy sessions .  The Girls Academy is designed to give a personalized training plan for your athlete by having a huge choice of classes in which to register.  Please read below on suggestions of how this Academy could work for your athlete

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  • Mallory is a 14 year old shortstop on a competitive team who wants to improve her hitting and fielding.  In addition, she will play basketball this winter and is thinking about trying out for the volleyball team this fall.
    • She buys a 20 session package and enrolls in 12 (level 3 possibly 4+) softball sessions (hitting, fielding), 3 volleyball sessions  and 5 basketball shooting sessions.
    • In addition, she becomes a D1 member for the entire year by purchasing from D1 Des Moines.
    • In addition, she enrolls in private lessons (sold separately) with one of SPW’s outstanding softball instructors
  • Liz is a 13 year old basketball player who just gave up swimming.  She has played competitive basketball for 6 years and would really like to improve her basketball skills over the summer and try a couple of new sports.
    • She buys the 50 session and uses 15-20 (Level 3) sessions on as many basketball sessions as possible.
    • In addition, she enrolls in 5 volleyball sessions, 5 softball sessions, and 5 lacrosse sessions (level 1-2). She decides she really likes volleyball and lacrosse and enrolls in as many as possible the rest of the summer.
    • In addition, she enrolls in PowerPlex programs in the fall and winter(sold separately)
    • In addition, she tries the Iowa United LAX July and September Academy (sold separately)
    • In addition, she enrolls in D1 by purchasing (separately) a 20 pack punch card or 3 month Summer Membership to improve her speed and strength
  • Addi is 15 year old basketball player.  She wants to be a better point guard.  She is involved in her HS lifting and works a job during the summer.
    • She buys a 10 session pack and enrolls in all the top level basketball sessions she can attend.
    • She contacts the basketball director and discusses additional opportunities that may work around her schedule.
  • Bailey is a 17 year old setter for her HS and Club Team.  She wants to play in college and needs to do everything this summer to be ready to play in the fall as college teams are already sending her letters.  She has a group of 5-6 friends that have similar scenarios.
    • She talks to the volleyball instructors about high level opportunities for her and her 5-6 friends.  The volleyball instructors set up a series of specific small group (4+) sessions that are invite only. She buys a 20 pack and enrolls in the invite only sessions and as many (4+) other sessions as possible.
    • She talks to the volleyball instructors about additional high level opportunities that may be good for her inside and outside of the Girls Academy
    • In addition, she schedules private lessons (sold separately) with volleyball instructors
    • In addition, she enrolls in D1 Summer program (sold separately)
    • In addition, she contacts Next Step Sports Advising to help her with the recruiting process
  • Kate is a 9 year old who plays a bunch of recreational sports.
    • She buys a 10 session package and enrolls in a few sessions (Level 1) of every sport.  She really enjoys the soccer and basketball sessions.
    • She decides she wants to continue and buys 10 more total sessions, and enrolls in 5 more sessions of lacrosse and 5 more sessions of basketball and maybe advance levels(to Level 2).
  • Alli is a 11 year old who plays softball in summer.  She tried volleyball last year and loved it.  She wants to get better at it over the summer so she can tryout for a competitive volleyball club in the fall.
    • She buys a 20 session package and enrolls in 15 volleyball sessions (level 1 and 2) and enrolls in 5 softball (level 2 and 3) sessions.
    • In addition, she enrolls in PowerPlex Jr. Academy for the late summer/fall and/or additional programs being offered by the partner programs at SPW