About Us

Sportsplex West is an athletics and training programming company consisting of a professional staff, professional competitive experiences and the best in sport specific training and competition at its Waukee location as well as throughout Central Iowa and the Midwest. Sportsplex is the destination for the athlete that is in search of the true and all-encompassing training experience. With athlete and player development at the core of all the programs it is no surprise that some of the best athletes call it their athletic and training home.

It’s flagship building located at 890 SE Olson Dr is a 36,000 square foot indoor sports training complex and is home to D1 Training, Iowa Sticks Baseball Club and Iowa Aces Softball Club along with many other activities in soccer, softball and other. The building holds the best in technology, training equipment, indoor crumb rubber turf, training cages and more. Additionally inside the walls of this complex you will find trainers unlike any other location in our state well suited for athletes of all ages.

Located at 895 SE Olson Dr. you will find Sportsplex Courts. An 11,000 square foot indoor sports training complex consisting of basketball and volleyball courts. Sportsplex Courts is the home of Iowa PowerPlex Volleyball Club and Iowa Battlers Basketball Club and plays host to the largest youth basketball league in Central Iowa. The clubs that call the facility home have become widely known for their ability to develop athletes and have left their mark by placing athletes at the highest level of their respective sport.

South of the flagship building is the home of Sportsplex Beach. An outdoor 15,000 square foot, 4 court beach volleyball training and competition complex. The beach is home to Xtreme Beach Volleyball Club as well Tyrone’s Beach Bar. The beach plays host to the most comprehensive Beach volleyball training and trainers in the Midwest. It also hosts leagues, camps and events. The perfect mix of development and enjoyment.

With programming located in other locations including the largest youth baseball league in Iowa, remote outreaches to other facilities in Central Iowa and the Midwest, Sportsplex West is widely considered as the best provider of the athletics and training in the area.
Sportsplex West is the true destination for Youth, High School, College and professional training and competition. Our Waukee location has easy access and enjoys the tremendous family growth of the local area and will offer an unmatched level of customer service and personal attention to its patrons.

When considering the participation in athletics and training it was apparent that a need is rising. The Sportsplex West project is design to address this need and provide a source for individuals and families looking for services to supplement athletic enhancement development. The natural direction of such a company is to offer the highest level of training, practice area and organization, as well as an opportunity for competition. Currently, there is no other provider that can match the planned variety of activities and programs to this audience.