Contact:  Evan Romanchuk:

Sportsplex is offering Central Iowa’s most unique and affordable team training sessions in baseball and softball.  Our insstructors are widely known as the best in the business. 

 How it works:

1.    Practices INCLUDE an instructor from Sportsplex West. Each practice is will focus on a specific skill either hitting, fielding or pitching and one hour in length.

a.    Example of a complete 10 session practice package:

                                          i.    3 Days – Hitting

                                        ii.    3 Days – Pitching

                                        iii.   4 Days – Fielding  

2.    Coaches will contact the lead instructor at  Sportsplex West to inquire, schedule and create the practice plan by email.  Subsequent contact will be determined by the lead instructor and the coach of the team.  Parents must go through the coach with any questions.

3.    These practices are NOT camps.  This is for entire teams. There are no make-up sessions for missed sessions

4.    Practices will be held in the batting cage areas and the pitching lane areas.  Teams that purchase packages over 12 sessions may have the ability to use the turf area for enhanced fielding practices (not guaranteed) 

5.    Pricing

    • 1-5 Practices (Hitting, Pitching or Fielding) $200/hour/practice
    • 6-9 Practices (Hitting, Pitching or Fielding) $175/hour/practice
    • 10+ Practices (Hitting, Pitching or Fielding) $150/hour/practice
    • ** Please Note: Pricing will be in bulk. All fees must be paid in advance and are not refundable if a player misses.

6.    Team Training Academy are by appointment only Oct.1 – April 1.

Contact:  Evan Romanchuk: 

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