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Big changes!

New Self Service Online Sign-up/Scheduling at SPW



A.      Click Here to go to our EZ Leagues Registration Site and register online for all of our Camps, Clinics, and Leagues.

1.      Leagues are listed alphabetically by sport

2.      Classes/Clinics/Camps are listed alphabetically by sport


Lessons/Athlete School (you don’t sign up for classes/camps through this site)

A.      If you already have a self-service username and password – LOGIN HERE

B.      If you HAVE an existing waiver or account on file at SPW but not a self service account....

1.      Email and ask for a self-service invite (then follow steps 2-5)

C.      If you DO NOT have an existing waiver or account on file or are new to SPW......

1.      Click Here to create your own user name. This will be used all of the time to book, schedule, change any of the items in your account


D.     Then

1.      2. Once logged in to your own personal account, you will see menu items on the left side of the page. Under the word "Buy" you will then click on –Sessions

2.      You will then be given a list of items on the main page. Click and open the red bar labeled with your training of choice and choose your package and purchase it.

3.      You will then be given directions in regard to scheduling your lessons. Those directions will state "purchase AND schedule your private lessons or athlete school! ect...” To schedule a session, click on the find new sessions link in the navigation panel on the left". Please proceed to the find new sessions link.

4.      By clicking on the Private Instruction or Athlete School link on that page, you will be given a list of open times for all of our instructors. You can choose a specific instructor by using the drop down menu to filter your selection or a specific date and time by using the filter options.


5.      Simply choose your instructor, date and time and the instructor will be notified electronically and the session will be put into the instructor’s calendar.


In Summary:

1.    Log in

2.    Buy Session

3.    Red Bar with the label of what type of instruction you are looking for.

4.    Purchase your session(s)

5.    Find new session and book it!!


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