Dirtbags Official Tourney Page

Dirtbags NIT A/AA May 6-7


May 6-7, 2017

Holiday Park (HP)

Walnut Creek (WC)

Weather updates will be posted here:


Rules: USSSA Sanctioned Rules

NOTE: Ties will be counted in pool play

Time Limit : 9U – 14U – 1hr 40min – No new inning started after time limit

Time Limit : 8U – 1hr 30 min – No new inning started after time limit

Can bat entire line up

Score Updates:

Scores, bracket play and seeding will be updated for this tournament.  Seeding will be posted on pool play schedule page after pool play is completed.

Check brackets for revisions.  Pools Play/ Brackets will be final at 8:00PM on Thursday before the tournament and will have a “Revised” listed by the age group.


Team Check In:All managers are required to check in at least 30 minutes before the start of your first regular scheduled game.  Items at check in:1.  Pay all fees that are due.2.  Your online roster is your official roster.  Teams have up to the start of their first game to make changes to their roster.  Teams may not change roster after the start of the first game.  All teams may view team’s rosters at www.usssa.com3.  Updated tournament information4.  Receive 1 pitching card.  (Additional card will be given when completed game record is returned).


#1 Rule:No coolers or food are to be brought into the ballparks.  Please relay this message to your parents.  We hold the manager responsible for enforcing this with your parents and fans.


Bats:Only USSSA approved bats may be used at this event.  Managers please check all your players’ bats for stamps or markings before your game begins.DeMarini CF ZEN-CBZ 17 is illegal and cannot be usedEffective March 17, 2017, the USSSA marked 2 ¾ DeMarini CF Zen-CBZ 17 Model (see pictures attached) has been provisionally withdrawn from USSSA sanctioned play by Wilson/DeMarini in cooperation with USSSA while the BPF compliance testing on that model is completed. A final decision on this model should be reached in the next 14 days.Please contact DeMarini at www.demarini.com/en-us/cbz17-update or 1-800-800-9932.Click here to see official USSSA announcement and pictures.


USSSA Baseball Bat Rules
Effective January 1, 2012…the below rules pertaining to bats shall be enforced in age divisions 14U and younger without exception.
Big Barrel Bats (larger than 2-1/4 inches in diameter) – Only those big barrel bats made by approved USSSA licensed manufacturers that are either…(1) Made with the NEW USSSA Mark; or(2) Is a qualified BBCOR bat; or(3) Is Wood, shall be allowed in USSSA play.Small Barrel Bats (2-1/4 inches in diameter) – Only those small barrel bats made by approved USSSA licensed manufacturers that are either…(1) Made with the NEW USSSA Mark; or

(2) Made with the old USSSA mark; (the bat will have in writing “USSSA 1.15 BPF) or

(3) Is Wood, shall be allowed in USSSA play.



Rosters:Please have your roster updated on-line as that is the official roster of the tournament.  Please read through the National Bylaws on roster rules. Please have your roster 100% accurate before you start your first game.  The team’s manager is responsible for all aspects of the eligibility of the players on his team and that they meet the Bylaws and Rules set forth in the 2012 USSSA National Bylaws.


Pitching:USSSA pitching limitations are in effect – please read the pitching rules stated in the USSSA National Bylaws.  Managers, the last thing we want to do is to forfeit your team because you pitched a player too many innings.Each team will receive pitching record cards at team check in.  Please complete pitching records after each game, have the opposing manager or scorekeeper sign the record and turn in to the tournament director immediately after each game.  This pitching record is the official record of player’s innings and score of game so make sure the card is completed correctly. Please make the card readable and include the player’s FIRST AND LAST NAME, uniform number, team age and class, and team name.Please do not make the tournament directors have to track you down to get your pitching cards.  Teams will not be allowed to start a new game if they have not completed and turned in the previous game pitching record.


Championship Seeding:Championship seeding is based on USSSA pool play / tie breaker criteria.

Weather/ Refund Policy:If tournament is cancelled due to in-climate weather, refunds will be issued as follows:


0 Games Started:  Entry fee and prepaid gate minus $100 administrative fee.

1 Game Started:    50% of entry fee & 50% of gate fee refunded.

2 Games Started:  No refunds



0 Games Started:  Entry fee and prepaid gate minus $100 administrative fee.

1 Game Started:    25% of entry fee & 25% of gate fee refunded.

2 Games Started:  No refunds

Cancellation of tournament by SportsPlex West:  Full refund

Team’s withdrawal from tournament up to entry deadline:  Entry fee minus $100 fee.

Team’s withdrawal from tournament after entry deadline:  No refund.



Tournaments conducted by SportsPlex West will be pool play format followed by an elimination round.  SportsPlex West reserves the right to alter, change, or abbreviate the tournament format when necessary to complete the tournament.